The Ranch Restaurant & Saloon

Step into The Ranch Restaurant & Saloon, and you’ll be transported to the Wild West with a culinary twist. This rustic eatery, housed in a historic landmark dating back to 1858, offers a unique blend of California cuisine with a touch of cowboy flair. Indulge in their signature dishes like the mouthwatering bison ribeye or the hearty Ranch meatloaf, accompanied by a glass of robust red wine from their extensive selection. With its cozy ambiance and friendly staff, The Ranch is the perfect spot to savor a taste of Anaheim’s rich history.

Address: 1025 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92805

Phone: (714) 817-4200

The Cheesecake Factory

If variety is what you crave, look no further than The Cheesecake Factory. This beloved chain has become an Anaheim staple, renowned for its generous portions and a menu that reads like a culinary encyclopedia. From their iconic cheesecakes (with over 30 flavors to choose from) to their mouthwatering burgers and pastas, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Come hungry and be prepared to leave with a deliciously stuffed belly and a sliver of cheesecake for the road.

Address: 321 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802

Phone: (714) 939-5775

Javier’s Cantina & Grill

Craving authentic Mexican flavors? Javier’s Cantina & Grill has you covered with its vibrant, south-of-the-border cuisine. This lively restaurant, adorned with colorful decor and mariachi music, transports you straight to the heart of Mexico with every bite. From their mouthwatering fajitas and sizzling molcajetes to their legendary margaritas, Javier’s is a fiesta for the senses. Don’t forget to try their signature dish, the Bistec Javier – a tender, mesquite-grilled steak that’ll have you coming back for more.

Address: 1470 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

Phone: (714) 526-7765

Sanuk Cafe

If you’re in the mood for a globetrotting culinary adventure, head to Sanuk Cafe. This unassuming gem offers a delightful fusion of Thai, Vietnamese, and Hawaiian flavors that’ll tantalize your taste buds. From the fragrant pho and authentic pad Thai to the mouthwatering kalua pork and delectable banana fritters, each dish is a masterful blend of spices and flavors. Don’t miss out on their refreshing Hawaiian shave ice, the perfect way to cool off on a warm SoCal day.

Address: 609 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

Phone: (714) 758-8641


Who says you can’t have dessert first? At Creamistry, ice cream takes center stage with a unique twist. Using liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze your custom creation, this innovative creamery offers a dazzling display of ice cream artistry. Choose from a myriad of flavors and mix-ins, then watch as your masterpiece is crafted right before your eyes in a billowing cloud of vapor. From classic chocolate to adventurous avocado or Vietnamese coffee, Creamistry will satisfy your wildest frozen fantasies.

Address: 330 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92805

Phone: (714) 639-1781

Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion

If the thought of tropical flavors has you dreaming of island getaways, Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion is the perfect escape. This upscale eatery brings the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands to Anaheim with its innovative take on Pacific Rim cuisine. From the mouthwatering Misoyaki Butterfish to the succulent Hibachi-grilled Salmon, every dish is a harmonious blend of fresh, vibrant ingredients. Don’t forget to pair your meal with one of their signature cocktails, like the refreshing Mai Tai or the tropical Lava Flow.

Address: 321 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802

Phone: (714) 776-7697

Urban Plates

For those seeking a taste of farm-fresh goodness, Urban Plates is a must-visit. This modern eatery celebrates locally sourced, sustainable ingredients with a menu that caters to every dietary preference. From their mouthwatering grass-fed burgers and hearty salads to their flavorful plant-based dishes, every bite is a testament to the power of simple, wholesome fare. Be sure to indulge in their decadent desserts, like the luscious carrot cake or the rich chocolate brownie, for a guilt-free treat.

Address: 6685 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90803

Phone: (562) 728-6005

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